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Payments & Pricing

Integrative OT accepts all credit/debit cards, Venmo & PayPal at this time. I am a private practice so therefore do not bill insurance but am able to provide you with the means to send in a claim form yourself and get reimbursed. I cannot promise reimbursement and am unaware what the rate is for reimbursement for out of network providers, but I am a licensed medical/health professional and therefore am a reimbursable service through insurances. The fee for a session with me is on a sliding scale from $75-100.

"Direct Access State"

Since Alabama is a direct access state, that means that for an OT to provide services, a medical professional (Doctor, Dentist, Chiropractor, Nurse Practitioner) must provide you with a prescription before I am able to accept you as a new client. This only applies for those who are coming with a medical condition to be treated under the care of a physician. An example of this would be clients coming to me for lymphedema, a recent surgery or medical diagnose like arthritis, etc. This does not apply for those who are coming for preventative health and wellness consultations and coaching.

If you fall into the earlier category, your doctor will need to send you with a prescription stating: OT Evaluation and Treatment for ______ (diagnosis name). After that, it's smooth sailing and we can manage your care! Please don't let this be a deterrent, I am very well-versed with this and can help in any way. 

Rosemary Sprig
Payments & Pricing: Welcome
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